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In our last blogPark Moving & Storage, we looked at a few tips to make moving with your pets as stress-free as possible. Moving is a major undertaking, and having pets can definitely add to the stress on your moving day. However, with proper planning, you can eliminate this source of stress. Here, we will look at a few more tips to keep your move day stress-free.

Visit your new home with your pet before move in day

If you have time, consider bringing your pet to your new home before move in day arrives. Let them play in the yard, explore the house, and get acclimated to this new space on a day that is laid back and stress free. This way, when you return on move in day, they are already familiar with this new environment.

Prepare their area

Your pet’s area should be one of the first places you set up once you arrive in your new home. This way, they have a place to rest and relax while you take care of everything else you have going on that day. Get their bed in place, their food and water bowls set up, secure their kennel or litter box, and they will feel much more comfortable right off the bat.

Hopefully, these tips will help to make your move day as smooth as possible. If you want to make your move a breeze, consider seeking out professional moving services in Birmingham. Let us take care of the heavy lifting, so you can concentrate on more important things, like ensuring your pet transitions to your new home safely and securely!

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